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At ObjectMastery, we are dedicated to providing quality solutions for the financial services industry. We want our software to deal with the problems of tomorrow, not just the issues of today. To achieve this, we operate at the cutting edge of information systems.

Founded in 1992 to develop master systems for the investment industry, ObjectMastery has devoted a considerable proportion of its resources to the development of an application development framework that provides e-commerce capability.

The ObjectMastery MasterSystem Development Framework is the basis of applications which:

James Wauchope Award

An award for individual excellence in Software Engineering

James Wauchope was an IT student at Swinburne University before joining ObjectMastery as a software developer. Presented to an outstanding final year student in Software Development at Swinburne University every year, the James Wauchope award is in honour of our colleague, who lost his fight against cancer in December 2000.